Kääpiöidenpolku 4

Description: Constructed in 2002

Common facilities: laundry room, sauna, club room

There is a broadband internet connection, cable tv, paid storage cupboards, lift

Balcony: in all the apartments (some 1st floor apartments have a terrace)

Travel to university: By metro and by bus (connection), the metro (Herttoniemi-Kamppi) takes approx. 10 minutes. The bus (Roihuvuori-Herttoniemi) takes approx. 10 minutes.

Rent includes: – water
– Internet: The tenant must contact the operator Elisa (+358 50 950 500) in advance and register him/herself in order to get the internet connection.

Maintenance: ISS

Kääpiöidenpolku contact information

Maintenance Company

Lassila & Tikanoja
Puh. 010 636 5000 (24h)

Castle Warden

ääpiöidenpolku 4 kylterinvuori(ät)list.ayy.fi Vili Holopainen

Invoices for rent and deposit
Invoices for the rent and deposit are sent to new tenants on the first week of the month the lease contract begins. The billing is handled by Saila Mertsalmi (firstname.surname@ayy.fi).

Rescue Plan

All rescue plans of AYY housing buildings are shared through the Pelsu-service on the Internet. You can find your own building’s rescue plan by clicking the appropriate link below.

You can change the language of the service on the upper right corner of the screen.

Ruusulankatu 5, 00260, HELSINKI Ylioppilasasuntola ja Keilatalo Oy (Ruusulankatu)
Arkadiankatu 28 D, 00100, HELSINKI Koy Kyltericampus
Rummunlyöjänkatu 1, 02600, ESPOO Koy Kylterivaara
Kääpiöidenpolku 4 , 00820, HELSINKI Koy Kylterivuori
Kaj Franckin katu 4 , 00560, HELSINKI Koy Kylterinranta
Haarniskatie 8 , 00910, HELSINKI Koy Kylterinkartano
Pohjavedenkatu 4 , 00980, HELSINKI Koy Pohjavedenkatu 4
Vaasankatu 10 , 00500, HELSINKI Koy Vaasankatu 10
Kirkonkyläntie 16 , 00700, HELSINKI Koy Kirkonkyläntie 16
Tuhkimontie 2 , 00820, HELSINKI Koy Tuhkimontie 2
Hiihtomäentie 22 (Mäyrätie 1) , 00800, HELSINKI Koy Hiihtomäentie 22
Turkismiehentie 8, 00370, HELSINKI Koy Turkismiehentie 8

Internet & TV

Internet access is included in the rent and works just by plugging in an Ethernet cable (with an RJ45 jack) into a wall socket. The speed of the Internet is 1/1 Gbps.

If you have any problems with Internet or television connections, please contact Trinet first: verkko(at)ayy.fi. More information about the network can be found from the Trinet web site.

AYY’s apartments include Elisa’s cable TV. Further information on the cable TV is available on Elisa’s website.


If you lock yourself out of your apartment, the castle warden in your building may help you. So first try to call him/her. Remember that Castle Wardens are volunteers, so please ask nicely and understand, if he/she is not around and can’t come and open the door for you.

Another option is to fetch a spare key from AYY’s Housing Office in Otaniemi. If AYY has extra keys to your apartment left in the closet, you can borrow a key temporarily without any fees. The last option is to call the maintenance company, but this always costs something to the tenant, i.e. you.

If your apartment key is lost, you should always first contact AYY’s Housing Office. Fill out the form for the lost key and send it to the Housing Office. They know how to advise you on how to proceed with the case and how you can get a new key as soon as possible.

For a lost key, you will be charged the costs for making a new key (in 2017: €35/key). AYY sends the bill for the lost key to the tenant. If tenants return fewer keys at the end of the lease than what they have signed for themselves from AYY, the costs for making the missing keys are deducted from the tenant’s deposit.

All keys ordered to replace the lost keys are collected from AYY’s Housing Office in Otaniemi. AYY notifies the tenant when the new key has arrived and can be collected.


The best way to coexist with the neighbours and roommates is to use common sense and take into account the wishes of other residents.

Sometimes the opinions on cleaning, for example, do not meet at all and this creates conflicts. However, please note that AYY cannot participate in the conflicts of residents, not even in shared apartments.

Supervising housing rules and regulations is part of AYY’s responsibilities. If a resident bothers the neighbours or roommates with excessively unreasonable life by arranging loud parties on weekdays, for example, AYY can give this person a warning. If your neighbour lives a disrupting life, you can make a complaint to AYY’s Housing Office.

Generally, you should always get a verification from a third party for the complaint. Otherwise AYY cannot do much if the object of the complaint denies everything and from AYY’s viewpoint, there is only one person’s word against the other.

Cleanliness of shared apartments

Please note that all the furniture, kitchen utensils and everything in the common areas of single room apartments is usually owned by one of the tenants of the apartment! So if you lend a sofa, a fork or something, please remember to return it back!

In some single room apartments there can be practices agreed by the tenants themselves. For example, there can be customs not to lock the rooms of apartments. None of these practices are AYY’s official regulations though, but they are always just something the tenants have thought up between themselves. No tenant needs to follow these sort of customs if they make you uncomfortable or feel unsafe. If the situation worries you, you can always contact the Castle Warden of your building or the AYY Housing Sector.

If you need help for cleanliness in a shared apartment, AYY can give the entire shared apartment a cleaning request. If the cleaning request does not work, AYY can order a professional cleaning for the apartment and the expenses will be shared equally between the residents of the shared apartment.



As a landlord, AYY does not take a stand on the condition of a tenant’s apartment. Only if the condition of the apartment begins to pose a risk to the property or bother neighbours or roommates, AYY will have to interfere. Sometimes tenants receive a complaint about collecting pizza boxes in the apartment. Cardboard pizza boxes eventually form a fire hazard and they quickly add up to so much fire load that a small fire starting in a bachelor pad may destroy the entire property.

Sorting of waste and its proper disposal is generally important. The more accurately you sort the waste, the cheaper the waste management. Mixed waste is always the most expensive waste to process, so the less you put in the mixed waste, the cheaper the waste expenses. By accurately sorting cardboard, biowaste, metal, etc., you both save the environment and keep your rent as low as possible! For tricky situations, see instructions for sorting waste in Finland here.

Storing waste in the apartment, especially in balconies and stairwells, is prohibited. On balconies, birds and squirrels may cause harm and spread banana peelings around. In corridors, rubbish bags may bother the neighbours and cleaning and they are generally in the wrong place.


Small defects (fire alarm in the common areas of a single room apartment, broken wall socket) are reported directly to the maintenance company. They will come and inspect and repair the defects. This will cause no costs for the tenant. If the defect is something that is not maintenance company’s responsibility, they will tell you about that and instruct you on what to do about it.

When reporting the problem, mention also if the maintenance company can’t use the master key to come and fix the problem (because of pets or something). If you forbid the use of master key, the maintenance company will contact you (leave your contact information!) and organize the repair separately.

Bigger problems and defects (a great big hole in the wall, water damage) are reported directly to the  AYY Building Contractor.

Laundry rooms

Most AYY buildings have a laundry room. AYY laundry rooms are free to use for the tenants.

All laundry reservations for laundry rooms in AYY’s properties are reserved through Pyykkipoika system. Instructions for reservations and everything else are available in Pyykkipoika system, so check it out!
(Miestentie: Laundry room bookings on Domo!)

Resident activities

AYY’s residents have the opportunity to arrange fun and useful activities that increase the comfort of living in their own property. AYY’s properties have castle wardens who represent the residents of each property in AYY. A castle warden helps the residents, looks after the property and acts as the chairperson of the tenant council.

In addition to a castle warden, a tenant council may include 3-8 residents who are interested in being active in housing affairs. Tenant councils receive financial assistance from AYY for common equipment purchases, social gatherings and magazine subscriptions. The best way to get information about the castle warden in your property is the Facebook group or notice boards of your building.

Achievements of tenant councils and castle wardens:

  • The Village Senate, which consists of the residents of Teekkari Village, cleared the entire Teekkari Village from junk bikes. As a result, they removed about 450 bicycles, which improved the environment.
  • At Vaasankatu, the tenant council renovated the gym in the property, which is now filled with benches and weights!
  • Over the years, castle wardens have saved AYY’s properties from serious water damage or fires, for example, by noticing situations in advance and by calling help when the damage has not yet spread.

Basement storage lockers

Tenants can reserve for their use one (1) storage locker from the basement or attic of the building. A tenant must purchase a lock for the storage locker. A tenant can reserve a storage locker by putting the lock on the door and clearly displaying the following information:

  • Name of the tenant who uses the storage locker
  • Tenant’s apartment number
  • Current year (must be updated annually!)

When you move out of the apartment, you must also empty the storage locker because otherwise your items will be a problem for future residents. The maintenance company transports the items to a landfill for a separate charge, which will increase the rents and thus cause harm for everyone.

In Pohjavedenkatu each apartment does not have its own storage locker.

In the Kaj Franckin Katu 4 there are also different kind of special storage lockers (bicycle spaces?) with their own locks. Please contact Housing Office about accessing those. Please still mark them normally, though.

Moving out

The lease must be terminated in writing. Preferably terminate the lease by using the form on the AYY webpages.  The period of notice is one whole month, calculated from the end of the month during which you give the notice. Therefore, if you want to terminate your lease from 1 Dec onwards, you need to give the notice no later than 31 Oct.


  • If you had storage space in the basement or attic, be sure to clean it up when you leave
  • Remember to make a change of address notification. Please remember that the notification is a legal obligation
  • Inform your new address to the following parties:
    • student affairs office, bank and insurance company, magazine subscriptions, address registers of organisations and associations, friends and relatives
  • Despite the fact that you are in a hurry to move, please clean the apartment to a condition satisfactory to the next resident. If you have a refrigerator, please defrost it before your removal. See the separate cleaning instructions at the end of this page.
  • You must not leave any furniture to the apartment. You are neither allowed to leave furniture to common facilities in a shared apartment or the corridors of the property. The tenant will be charged the costs for furniture removal.

Returning the keys

  • The keys must be returned on the first business day after the end of the lease. The next tenant has the right to enter the apartment at 12noon, so the keys must be returned by that time.
  • Keys are returned to AYY’s Housing Office in Otaniemi.
  • If the Housing Office is closed, the keys can be left in the mail slot on the Otakaari-side of the building. The mail slot reads: AYY Toimisto 11. When you are returning the keys, please put the keys in an envelope and write on the envelope your own name and which exact apartment the keys are for!
  • With the exception of the keys to Ida Aalbergintie and Maapadontie, which are handled through the maintenance companies of the buildings.
  • The keys can also be exchanged directly with the next tenant. Please use this form  to exchange the keys.

Please remember to lock the door to your room!

Inspection of common facilities in shared apartments

The condition of common facilities in shared apartments in Teekkari Village are always checked before any of the residents change. If the facilities are not suitable for living, the inspector leaves a suggestion to clean the apartment. If the common facilities in a shared apartment are still in an unacceptable condition when the new tenant moves into the apartment, cleaning is ordered to the shared apartment and the cleaning costs are charged from the moving tenant and the previous tenants who continue to live in the apartment.

Cleaning instructions for the moving tenant

Before you move out (return the keys), you must clean the apartment to a condition satisfactory to the new tenant. If the cleaning has been neglected entirely or partly, cleaning costs are charged from the tenant.

When cleaning, please pay attention to the following issues: 


  • All closet surfaces, table tops and drawers are washed.
  • All surfaces of the stove and cooker hood are washed, as well as oven trays and the grease filter. Also wash the back and sides of the stove and clean the floor around the stove.
  • Refrigerator and freezer are defrosted and cleaned and the doors are left open. Make sure that defrosted water does not drip on the floor.


  • Toilet seat, sink and faucets are washed clean and disinfected.
  • Shower wall, laundry cabinet, mirror cabinet and floor drain are washed clean.
  • All surfaces (walls, floor) are washed.

Other facilities

  • All surfaces are washed in such a way that they are free from dust and stains.
  • Ventilation valves cleaned
  • The floors are vacuumed and mopped.
  • Windows are washed. If it is cold outside, only the indoor surfaces are washed.
  • Closets are washed on all surfaces.

In addition, you should ensure that all fixedlights (kitchen, bathroom) are functional and the smoke alarm has a functioning battery.

Tenants who move out from shared apartments must remove all their items from the common facilities of the shared apartment. When washing and defrosting the refrigerator, you should make sure that other tenants’ food does not go bad.



Section 1 Scope of application

In addition to what is provided in the rental agreement, other regulations and the instructions of Aalto University Student Union (AYY), general acts and decrees and the Public Order Act, these regulations are followed in buildings owned by AYY and in their vicinity.

The regulations apply to all who live in AYY’s apartments and are valid until further notice. However, in AYY’s apartments which are located in Teekkari Village, the regulations of Teekkari Village are adapted.

Section 2 Violation of regulations

The violation of regulations may result in liability for damages or the termination of a rental agreement. If a resident has received a written warning, one’s lease may be terminated.

Section 3 Regulations concerning the general order 

In the buildings owned by AYY, one must behave so that the residents’ comfort of living is not unreasonably impaired. The users of premises must ensure that their guests comply with the provisions in these regulations. It is forbidden to cause unreasonable noise or other disturbance at any time of the day.

Section 4 Night-time silence

On weekdays between 10pm–7am and on weekends and public holidays between 11pm–9am, singing, playing, loud use of a television, radio or stereo equipment and such other noise is prohibited. If the disturbance in question is temporary and cannot be avoided, the matter must be agreed on beforehand with those residents to whom the disturbance would apply.

Section 5 Management of facilities

The users of the facilities must carefully take care of the facilities and the user is liable for damages which exceed natural wearing out. If shared facilities in apartments are damaged, all tenants in the apartment are jointly liable for damages unless someone is found out to be guilty of the damage. The building contractor or the maintenance company must be informed of defects caused by a leakage, other pipe damage or structural damage immediately. If somebody breaks pieces of furniture or windows, or otherwise damages the halls of residence of AYY, one is obliged to inform AYY’s housing office of the damage. If somebody notices the above mentioned damage, one must report the damage and the person who caused it to the housing office. If the person who caused the damage does not report the damage immediately to the housing office, the housing committee may give the person a warning.

Section 6 Hazardous waste

Waste which may cause the clogging or damaging of drains must not be allowed into the sewers. Hazardous waste should be delivered to an appropriate location according to recycling instructions.

Section 7 Storage of dangerous goods

The storage of dangerous goods must comply with explosives regulations and laws.

Section 8 Pets

In shared apartments, keeping other pets than those kept in the aquarium is prohibited. In other than shared apartments, keeping pets is permitted under the following terms and conditions. Pets must be kept on a leash outside buildings and they must not disturb the residents. It is prohibited to walk pets on the children’s play areas and in their immediate vicinity. Pets must not contaminate buildings or yard areas. The person walking the pet is required to clean up the waste immediately.

Section 9 Renovation of apartments

It is prohibited to renovate apartments or make structural alterations without the permission of the building contractor.

Section 10 Cleaning of apartments

Residents must not interfere with regular cleaning operations. AYY is entitled to recover the costs for additional cleaning incurred by a resident.

Section 11 Maintenace operations in the apartment

If the apartment requires maintenance, the persons authorised by the administration of AYY housing have the right to enter the resident’s apartment. The person who exercises this right must as far as possible agree on the matter beforehand with the resident.

Section 12 Locking of doors

Doors, including the doors in the corridors, must be locked at all times and when opening them, the user must make sure that the doors remain locked.

Section 13  Dusting and ventilation

The dusting of carpets and bedding is allowed only in the areas that have been reserved for this purpose. The dusting is allowed outside the night-time silence. On apartment-specific balconies, dusting linen and brushing clothes is not allowed inside the railings. Apartments must not be ventilated into the stairwells.

Section 14 Storage space in the basement

Storage space is reserved for residents, the use of which is determined separately for each building.

It is strictly prohibited to store flammable liquids and gases in the storage basement. Basement corridors must be kept empty due to fire safety.

Section 15 Parking of vehicles

There is a parking space available for residents in some buildings. The parking is agreed on building-specifically.

Bicycles and similar sports equipment must be stored in places reserved for them.

Section 16 Grilling

Grilling on balconies with other than electric grills is prohibited due to odour problems. In the apartments with their own yard, other than electric grills may be used. In this case, grilling has to take place far away from the building so that odours will not reach top floor apartments.

Section 17 Common premises and yards

Common premises and yard areas must be kept tidy. Waste must be taken to containers that have been reserved for them according to recycling instructions. It is prohibited to store sports equipment, toys, pushchairs and other similar equipment in the staircases and other common premises if storage has not been allowed separately.

Section 18 Smoking

Smoking is prohibited indoors including the apartments and staircases. Also on the balcony or outdoors the smoker must ensure that the smell or smoke do not spread in common premises or apartments. It is strictly prohibited to smoke on balconies with a ventilation unit.

Section 19 Amendments to the regulations 

Amendments to these rules are made by AYY’s housing sector.


Finland has not had pests for a very long time but now the problem has come back here. Pests are a persistent problem, and their destruction requires fast action from the resident and the landlord.

Currently, the most common pests in student housing are bedbugs and beetles. Both have been found in AYY’s apartments. The best way to avoid pests is to take good care of the cleanliness and hygiene of your apartment. If you detect anything referring to pests in your apartment, please contact AYY’s housing office immediately. The housing office will immediately order professionals to check the apartment and do the necessary fumigation. The resident does not have to pay for these expenses.

Unfortunately, AYY cannot pay other compensation or provide rent reductions due to pest animals. Therefore, it is in everyone’s interest to keep the apartment in such a good condition that pests do not nest there. If the situation is prolonged, the worst case scenario with bed bugs is that you have to destroy entire pieces of furniture and AYY cannot compensate for them either. The faster AYY receives information on pests, the easier and quicker it is to destroy them and the less likely the problem will spread in other apartments and cause more expenses to anyone.

Because of this, also be very careful if you are going to take an abandoned piece of furniture in your home! Check the furniture very carefully and play it safe rather than carry pests to your home with an old arm-chair.

If pests are found in the apartment, AYY cannot offer a new apartment to the residents before the pest situation is fixed. Otherwise pests could spread in the new apartment with the transferred resident, and the problem would start all over again.

Rescue Plan

All rescue plans of AYY housing buildings are shared through the Pelsu-service on the Internet. You can find your own building’s rescue plan by clicking the appropriate link below.

You can change the language of the service on the upper right corner of the screen.

Ruusulankatu 5, 00260, HELSINKI Ylioppilasasuntola ja Keilatalo Oy (Ruusulankatu)
Arkadiankatu 28 D, 00100, HELSINKI Koy Kyltericampus
Rummunlyöjänkatu 1, 02600, ESPOO Koy Kylterivaara
Kääpiöidenpolku 4 , 00820, HELSINKI Koy Kylterivuori
Kaj Franckin katu 4 , 00560, HELSINKI Koy Kylterinranta
Haarniskatie 8 , 00910, HELSINKI Koy Kylterinkartano
Pohjavedenkatu 4 , 00980, HELSINKI Koy Pohjavedenkatu 4
Vaasankatu 10 , 00500, HELSINKI Koy Vaasankatu 10
Kirkonkyläntie 16 , 00700, HELSINKI Koy Kirkonkyläntie 16
Tuhkimontie 2 , 00820, HELSINKI Koy Tuhkimontie 2
Hiihtomäentie 22 (Mäyrätie 1) , 00800, HELSINKI Koy Hiihtomäentie 22
Turkismiehentie 8, 00370, HELSINKI Koy Turkismiehentie 8

Moving in

When you move into AYY’s apartment

 Make sure of the following

  • You have signed the lease on Domo
  • You have changed your address with the authorities to your new apartment (so your post gets delivered to your new address etc.)
  • You have made the electricity agreement in apartments where AYY so requires
  • Complete the moving in checklist

Apartment keys

You can either directly exchange the keys with the previous tenant or collect the keys from AYY’s Housing Office on the day of removal.

The moving day is the start date of the lease, except if the start date of the agreement is a weekend or a public holiday. In this case, the moving day is the first business day following the start date of the lease. (If your lease begins on Friday, you may move into the apartment on Friday. If your lease begins on Saturday, you can only move into the apartment after the weekend on Monday.)

Housing office contact details and opening hours can be found here.

You can also agree to receive the apartment and keys directly from the previous resident by using the key exchange agreement.

Detailed instructions on the exchange of keys among the residents are available on AYY’s website.

Moving in check

When you move into AYY’s apartment, you need to check the condition of the apartment by using the moving in checklist. The moving in check must be made and sent within the week from moving into the apartment. The moving in checklist is completed in order to ensure the resident’s own legal protection. In this way, any repair costs can be directed to the source of damage. If vinyl flooring has been torn to shreds, for example, a new resident cannot be subject to liability if the resident reports this through the checklist immediately when moving in.

AYY does not order repair work on the basis of the checklist. Repairs of small defects (for example a loose socket) are handled by the maintenance company of your property. Please report defects directly to the maintenance company and they will fix them without costs to the resident. Larger defects and damage (e.g. water damage or hole in the wall) are reported to AYY’s Construction Manager.

Moving in cleaning

The previous resident has cleaned the apartment but there is always something to clean up in practice. However, if there are any major and serious flaws in the cleaning, the new resident does not have to clean them up by themselves. In this case, please document deficiencies and report them to AYY. You can make the report by telephone to AYY’s Housing Office (tel. 050 520 9410) and send documentation (such as photos) by e-mail to asuntotoimisto@ayy.fi. If possible, AYY will arrange a cleaner to your apartment and deduct the cleaning costs from the previous resident’s deposit.

If you need to move in immediately and you do not want to wait for cleaning, you can also clean up the apartment by yourself. In this case, please agree on this with AYY in advance so that AYY can compensate the reasonable amount of cleaning equipment (not entire vacuum cleaners or other household appliances) to the resident after receiving evidence (photos of cleaning deficiencies, receipts for the purchases). However, the new resident is not paid for the actual cleaning work.

If you have received the keys directly from the former resident, you have agreed to receive the apartment in the condition that it was at the time of signing the key exchange agreement. In this case, the previous resident is no longer responsibile for the cleanliness of the apartment.

Please also check that the fire alarm is working! Keeping the fire alarm of the apartment in working order is tenant’s responsibility. So please check the alarm is working and the battery is not dead. AYY is responsible for fire alarms in the common areas of the building and the kitchen of the single room apartments.